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EstateGuru is the leading European marketplace for short-term, property-backed loans.

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In 2013 a group of real estate and fintech experts based in Tallinn, Estonia had a bright idea. What if they could break down the barriers which ensured that investing in secured property loans was a luxury only available to the wealthy and well-connected? And what if they could help entrepreneurs and visionaries in the property development business who struggle with the ‘one-size-fits all’ solutions offered by banks and major financial institutions at the same time?

Thus EstateGuru was born.

Today, more than half a decade later, we have facilitated more than 510 loans, worth in excess of €80 million. Over 15,500 investors, from all walks of life and hailing from 45 countries, have earned average returns of 12.25% by backing property loans in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, and Finland with the UK, Ireland and Portugal to follow soon.

Due to the large and diversified investor base, with millions of EUR available to lend, our borrowers can get the money they need to realise their plans quickly, on their own terms, investors can access pre-vetted and diversified, cross-border investment opportunities with a low barrier to entry and total transparency.

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Our Vision

We all have a real estate guru within, that part of us that can identify a great project and a promising investment opportunity when we see it. This guru knows that property is a great investment and good property investment opportunities can be found in every market.

But until now, most of us had to be content with dreaming. Without millions in the bank, you simply had no opportunity to invest in property beyond your own house or apartment.

We set about changing this.

We believe that everyone should be allowed to develop their inner guru, regardless of where they’re from or how wealthy they already are, which is why we facilitate investments from as little as €50.

We also believe that great projects deserve to be backed and that this backing should be fair, transparent and mutually beneficial to the investor and the borrower. Our team of seasoned real estate professionals are there to support our borrowers every step of the way while ensuring that we choose only the best, most secure projects for our investors.

This is EstateGuru – a marketplace that is fair, honest, and where everyone wins.

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Live platform at:


The total amount invested in the platform in July 2018 was €5,421,345, an increase of over 11% since the previous month. At the time of writing, Bondora has 39,192 investors and €139M of investments through the platform.


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Maximum loan amounts offered

Loan amounts offered by different peer lending platforms

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On most of the platforms longest loan maturity is 5 years

Loan periods offered by different peer lending platforms

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Returns on investments

Overview of returns on peer lending platforms

Grow your business with invoice financing

Financing solution suitable for:

  • UK registered businesses, trading for over 6 months and £50,000 minimum turnover

  • Invoices with payment terms of 15-180 days

  • Your client is a company trading 3+ years with a turnover of at least £1m per year

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Anyone can be an investor


Smartly is
a capital markets service licence holder in Fund Management, regulated by MAS.

Built on Nobel-prize winning research

We use large amounts of data to construct portfolios that specifically meet your risk profile. Leveraging on Nobel-Prize winning theories and state of the art algorithms we give you a smart portfolio that meets your risk profile.

Global diversification

No-one can predict the markets and when things do take a downturn, its treacherous to have all your eggs in one basket. At Smartly we invest your money literally across the world into assets ranging from stocks, bonds, real estate and gold. 



How investing with Smartly works

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How much you will win on fees

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What Smartly does for you

Simple and clear pricing

Invest with Orca. Invest in P2P.

Orca is a team of P2P lending specialists.

Prior to launching an investment platform, Orca spent years as a leading independent research provider. After supporting investors’ due diligence of the market with professional analysis and insights, we decided to expand horizons and actively improve investors’ experiences of P2P investing by launching our own investment platform.

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Invest with Orca


5%1 indicative returns on investments


Portfolios built by industry


Cross-platform and cross-borrower diversification


Hassle-free investments with pre-built portfolio